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United States Cold War Documents

This data collection - The Trachtenberg Papers - broadly concerns Cold War policy from the end of WWII to 1964. The data was accumulated in order to write several books and articles relating to Cold War relations during this pivotal period, most notably A Constructed Peace: The Making of the European Settlement, 1945-1963 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, February 1999).

This particular data project encompasses Cold War documents from the United States. Each folder encompasses data for one year, except for data from the period prior to 1950 as well as the period after 1963, which are encompassed in two separate folders.

103 files are prepared for ...

Marine Corps Organizational Culture Research (MCOCR) Project logo

Marine Corps Organizational Culture Research (MCOCR) Project

Project Summary

The MCOCR Project was conducted between 2017 and 2020 to gather Marine perspectives on various aspects of Marine Corps culture with a particular focus on gender bias, leadership, and cohesion. Data consist of 179 transcripts of semi-structured interviews and focus groups conducted at six locations in 2017. Also included are a project overview, an example of a recruiting poster, and examples of public domain applied research outcomes from the project, which may provide useful context for data users or serve as a type of data for those studying applied social science.

Data for:  'A Directory of Cartographic Inventors' and 'Patents and Cartographic Inventions' logo

Data for: 'A Directory of Cartographic Inventors' and 'Patents and Cartographic Inventions'

Project Summary

Supplementary data relating to the biographies and patents illustrated from the two books: Patents and Cartographic Inventions: A New Perspective for Map History and A Directory of Cartographic Inventors written by Mark Monmonier.

These two titles focus on the cartographic inventors and the devices and technologies they created to making maps easier to use. The Patents book focuses on the patent process between the Patent Office clerks and the inventor exploring the correspondence between them during the description and review process before issuing a patent number. It also explores the patent as a publishing process of both property rights ...


Managing Data

QDR offers a series of web pages addressing key topics in managing research data from data management planning to formatting and depositing data, all with a focus on the needs of qualitative researchers.

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Deposit Process

How do you deposit data with QDR? Learn about the steps of a data deposit, deposit fees and waivers, and typically turnaround times.

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ATI at a glance

Annotation for Transparent Inquiry

Annotation for Transparent Inquiry (ATI) facilitates transparency in qualitative research by allowing scholars to “annotate” specific passages in an article. Annotations amplify the text and, when possible, include a link to one or more data sources underlying a claim; data sources are housed in a repository.

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About QDR

Sharing data and its documentation for secondary analysis

Empowering qualitative and multi-method inquiry through guidance and consultation

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Our Mission

QDR curates, stores, preserves, publishes, and enables the download of digital data generated through qualitative and multi-method research in the social sciences. The repository develops and disseminates guidance for managing, sharing, citing, and reusing qualitative data, and contributes to the generation of common standards for doing so. QDR’s overarching goals are to make sharing qualitative data customary in the social sciences, to broaden access to social science data, and to strengthen qualitative and multi-method research.

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